Nicola De Nittis

Expert for lead­er­ship and self-​​management

Brave Speakers Keynote Speaker Nicola De Nittis

Nicola De Nit­tis

Expert for leadership and self-management

„Lead­er­ship means to go for­ward coura­geously.”

Doc­tors set a dead­line for his life, but he set goals. The audi­ence holds its breath when Nicola De Nit­tis, an expert in lead­er­ship and self-​​management, talks about resis­tance. His words: pre­cise. His open­ness: dis­arm­ing. His fire: Ital­ian direct.

De Nit­tis moves his audi­ence far beyond pro­fes­sional exper­tise. As an expert for lead­er­ship and resilience, he speaks rich in expe­ri­ence about the courage to lead one­self and, as a pow­er­ful keynote speaker, sets the deci­sive impulse to bring peo­ple into action.

He should have been dead 20 years ago. Instead, the 1976-​​born speaker Nicola De Nit­tis has been an IT spe­cial­ist, resilience coach and expert in lead­er­ship and self-​​management for 20 years. Born in Cologne, De Nit­tis was born with a rare genetic defect. The pro­gres­sive blood dis­ease result­ing from it dras­ti­cally min­i­mizes the life expectancy. In its direct sur­round­ing field nobody thought beyond De Nit­tis 20.Lebensjahr.

The bravest word in the world is: No!

Even as a child, Nicola De Nit­tis rec­og­nizes that a dead­line does not release an exec­u­tive, but rather thwarts him. He opens the door to the future by set­ting him­self goals. Although he becomes a sought-​​after Big Data expert, the stamp sick = use­less for 20 years forces him into a dou­ble life: here the resilient busi­ness­man, there the chal­lenge of daily med­ical ther­apy and psy­cho­log­i­cal lim­its. The fact that he has sur­vived his dead­line makes him a sought-​​after resilience expert and speaker for lead­er­ship at an early stage – it’s not allowed to be too big a bell. A bal­anc­ing act.

The First Brave Speaker
The self-​​denial to the naked proof of achieve­ment has con­se­quences: Depres­sion, sud­den hear­ing loss. De Nit­tis has wrested a lot of time and career from exis­tence – but for what? Hour zero.

With his agency “THE BRAVE SPEAK­ERS” he is the first to take an impor­tant step: he brings keynote speak­ers to the stage whose CVs impres­sively tes­tify to how authen­tic­ity makes peo­ple and com­pa­nies healthy and, above all, grow.

The speaker for Moti­va­tion knows: “My genetic defect seems to be a dis­ad­van­tage. I alone have decided to turn it into an advan­tage. So can you. Every day.”

Lec­ture Top­ics

Leadership, Resilience, Self-Management